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Turbine Engines For Sale

MC701C turbine engine for sale, built by Motorlet company in Czechoslovakia


Manufacturer:  MOTORLET CORP.

Designation: (Civil/Military):  Walter M701C.

Engine Type:  Turbojet, (non-afterburning) Single Shaft.

Compressor Type:  One-Stage Centrifugal Flow.

Turbine Type:  1-Stage Axial Flow.

Combustor Type:  Multiple-Can with liners.

Power Rating (takeoff): 1,960 lbt (8,72  Kn).
Rating Approved to: 104 F (40 C)

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Walter M701C turbine engine shown above.

AI-25 Turbine Engine For Sale. This engine was built in Russia (USSR) by the Progress Engine Design Bureau


AI-25 Turbine engine for sale built in the former Soviet Union, the Commonwealth of Independant States, Russia.

Country: USSR (Commonwealth of Independent States)

Manufacturer: Progress Engine Design (formerly Ivchenko & Lotarev)

Designation: Ivchenko AI-25

Engine Type: Turbofan. Dual shaft, Low-Bypass Front Fan

Compressor Type: 11 Stage Dual-Spool, Axial Flow Compressor
including a 3 Stage Front Fan as the Low Pressure Compressor and an
8 Stage High Pressure Compressor

Turbine Type: 3 Stage Axial Flow Turbine including a Single Stage High Pressure Turbine and a 2 Stage Low Pressure Turbine.

Combustor Type: Annular, Through-Flow

Power Rating (takeoff): 3,000 lbt (14.71 kN thrust), Rating approved to
59F (15C)

Takeoff Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC): 1.06 lb/hr/lbt (30.2 mg/Ns)

Basic Dry Weight: 639 lbs (290Kg)

Application: Yakovlev Yak-40 Airliner

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AI-25 turbine engine shown above.


Nimbus MK. 103/503 Turbine engine for sale. This turbine engine was manufactured for the Westland Wasp Helicopter in England by the Rolls-Royce, Ltd. company.
Nimbus MK. 103/503

Country: Great Britain

MANUFACTURER: Rolls-Royce Ltd. 

DESIGNATION (Civil & Military):  Nimbus MK. 103/503. 

ENGINE TYPE: Turboshaft. Dual-Shaft (Compressor Drive & Power Output Drive).

COMPRESSOR TYPE: Combination Axial-Centrifugal Flow Compressor including:  2-Axial Stages, 1-Centrifugal Stage. 

TURBINE TYPE: 3-Stage Axial Flow including:  2-stage, Gas Producer (compressor drive) Turbine, 1-Stage Power (free) Turbine. 

COMBUSTOR TYPE: Annular, Through-Flow. 

POWER RATING (Takeoff): 710 shp (529 kw). Rating Approved to
113F (45C)

BASIC DRY WEIGHT: 607 lbs (275 kg). 

APPLICATION: Westland Wasp Helicopter.

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Nimbus MK. 103/503 turbine engine shown above.

SO-3W turbine engine for sale, made in Poland


SO-3W turbine engine for sale, made in Poland


MANUFACTURER: Panstwowe Zaklady Llotnicze (PZL) Rzeszow, Poland

DESIGNATION (Military):  SO-3W (PZL-5)

BACKGROUND: Date First SO-3 Engine Produced: 1970.

ENGINE TYPE: Turbojet. Single-Shaft (non-afterburning).

COMPRESSOR TYPE: Axial Flow, 7-Stage.

TURBINE TYPE: 1-Stage Axial Flow Turbine.

COMBUSTOR TYPE: Annular, Through-Flow.

POWER RATING (Takeoff): 2,225 lbt (9,9 kN thrust), Rating Approved to 59F (15C).

TAKE-OFF SPECIFIC FUEL CONSUMPTION (SFC): 1.06 lb/hr/lbt (30.2 mg/Ns)

BASIC DRY WEIGHT: 765 lbs (347 kg).

APPLICATION: WSK-PZL TS-11 Trainer Aircraft.
Iskra (Spark) Trainer Aircraft.

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SO-3W turbine engine shown above.


MANUFACTURER: Turbine Division, The Boeing Company.

DESIGNATION  (Military): T50-BO-12.

ENGINE TYPE: Turboshaft. Dual-Shaft.

COMPRESSOR TYPE: Two-stage (axial and centrifugal), single-entry compressor.

TURBINE TYPE: Single stage, axial-flow turbine.

COMBUSTOR TYPE:Two reverse-flow combustion chambers.

POWER (take-off) RATING:  365 shp at 59F.


APPLICATION: Navy Model QH-50D Drone.

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T50-BO-12 turbine engine shown above.

General Electric T58-GE-3 turbine engine for sale


General Electric T58-GE-3 turbine engine for sale

MANUFACTURER: General Electric Engines.

DESIGNATION: (Military)  T58-GE-3.

ENGINE TYPE: Turboshaft. Dual-Shaft (Compressor Drive & Power Output Drive).

COMPRESSOR TYPE: 10-Stage Single-Spool, Axial Flow Compressor.

TURBINE TYPE: 4-Stage Axial Flow Turbine including: 2-Stage Gas Producer (compressor drive) Turbine, 2-Stage Power (free) Turbine.

COMBUSTOR TYPE: Annular, Through Flow.


Note: T58-GE-3, 1325 hp.  0 Time since overhaul, with logs.

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(928) 346-1055 or email us for a price on the
T58-GE-3 turbine engine shown above.

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