Turbines By Gateway Inc.



The GW-501 is a portable jet-powered snow blower for ice and snow removal designed for use in switch yards.  These units have been in operation for 10 years now. They have been in railroad yards from the state of Washington to the east coast.  About 60 of the GW-501s have been sold.

The GW-501s are no longer available due to lack of engines.


The GW-502 jet snow blower is the replacement for the GW-501. The unit is completely portable. The turbine can run on Jet A, #1 kerosene, or #1 diesel fuel. The units are designed to be operated with end loaders on the high rail system, preferably with a swing arm.

Jet Snow Blowers on Display

GW-502 Prototype on Demo Tour for Jet Snow Blower

GW-502 Jet Snow Blower Prototype on Demo Tour

GW-502 Jet Snow Blowers Construction photos

GW-502 Jet Snow Blowers Construction photos for Jet Snow Blowers

GW-502 Jet Snow Blowers Different Applications

GW-502 Jet Snow Blowers Application